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Ordained Ceremonial Facilitator & Spiritual Counselor

C.K. Ashburn has been officiating weddings and handfastings for over 18 years. She has lead group ceremonies, wisdom gatherings, and drummings in her local community since 1992. Dream and shadow work have been her life's passion. 

 Her certifications include, but are not limited to: 

  Ordained Interfaith Minister
  Quantum Touch 
  Healing Touch 

  Therapeutic Touch
  Guided Imagery

  Licensed Nurse

Also extensive experience in: 

Dream Interpretation


Shamanic Journeying

Regenerative Healing

Magnetic Therapy

Color Therapy

Energy Medicine




Her mission is to bring awareness, balance & healing to her brothers & sisters, to assist them in recognizing & working with their shadow side, to help them realize the wisdom of their dreams & assist in bringing  them to fruition, and to help them learn ways of living from their heart.

C.K. Ashburn

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